Miss You

Miss your mind. Miss your soul. Miss your smell. Miss your charm. Miss your eyes. Miss your smile. Miss all of you. Hope I meet you someday soon.

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How to be in a relationship, The complete comedy guide

Since my last breakup I have been receiving lots and lots of advice from my dear friends. 🙂 The advice is seemingly helpful at times, but when you put them all together and compile a list (as us geeks like to do), you get a really funny unveiling story. 😀 This is some of them, but not a complete list.

  1. Do not show too much feelings
  2. Do not show too little feelings
  3. Be as good as possible, but not too much
  4. Be a bad boy/girl, but just the right amount
  5. Be mysterious, but not too much
  6. Be an “open book”, just not all the time
  7. Be sincere, but not too much
  8. Lie from time to time, just to keep things fresh
  9. Don’t be needy, but be cuddly
  10. Be weird, but not twisted (or the other way arround, depending on the partner)
  11. Be pretty or beautiful, just not both
  12. Be funny, not laughable
  13. Adjust, but stay you
  14. Don’t cheat, but flirt with other people from time to time, to keep them on their toes
  15. Never, ever, EVER say stuff like “I miss you” and “I Love you” too many or too little times

(list is open for suggestions, always – leave comments below)

P.S. Feel free to correct my spelling and grammar if you see any errors. 🙂

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Power of Choice

You can not choose who to fall in love with, but you can always choose who to love. ❤

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How to change a light switch

This gallery contains 13 photos.

Disclaimer: Do not do this if you are not trained at all in electrical engineering. It can get you seriously injured or even killed if not executed right.  

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Turn off Notification Chat Tab on Facebook

If you are asking yourself the “How do I turn off the new Notification Chat Tab feature on Facebook?” question, here is the answer!


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Take chances life gives you and make some of your own.

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Lenovo G550 Hardware Cleaning (Photos)

This gallery contains 11 photos.

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